District & Campus Performance Reports


One of the primary functions of the MISD Research, Assessment and Accountability Department includes the compilation and analysis of student performance data and the preparation of campus and district summary reports. 

Reports include STAAR Performance and STAAR Year-to-Year Progress and results obtained from College Entrance Exams.

PORTALS:  Another feature of this site is the analytic portals which allow the reader to access STAAR and other data for MISD as well as other districts within the state.  Data shown in these reports were derived from the Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR) and data files provided by TEA.

College & Career Readiness Reports


In preparing for college, most universities require a student to submit a test score, either the ACT or SAT. The SAT, PSAT, and ACT are the most widely used entrance exams to most colleges and universities.

More SAT & ACT Reports

AP (Advanced Placement)

Advanced Placement exams are optional exams that provide students with the opportunity to earn credit or advanced standing at many of the nation's colleges and universities based on performance.  For more information, go to College Board.

AP Reports

College & Career Readiness Analytic Portal

This portal allows the user to select more than one district from across the state.  Access to this data is helpful for analytical purposes and for goal setting.  All data can also be obtained via the TAPR reports that are provided by TEA and posted on the TEA website.

The following is a list of reports that are available:

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